The Pakerson story recounts the history of a brand, but first of all, of a family. For five generations, the Brotini family has been creating hand-made footwear. The first was Giulio, a descendent of an artisan family that in the 19th century had supplied the court of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, who in 1923 founded his shoemaking shop in Cerreto Guidi (Florence), which was the root system of a tradition later handed down from father to son. In 1946, Giulio’s son Luciano transformed the workshop into a manufactory and in 1958 adopted the Pakerson brand name. Luciano Bortini’s project was carried forward by his sons Andrea and Antonio, who for many years also held important posts in the major Italian and European footwear sector associations. The added value that descends from one-of-a-kind manufacture has won the brand a substantial following on the U.S. market-and now in Russia as well. The New York showroom opened in the early ’80s was a major conquest, and now the Pakerson boutiques are taking Eastern Europe by storm: St Petersburg, Moscow, Kazakhstan, and Kiev. But Italy always remains Pakerson’s reference market. The brothers are the company’s current owners, together with Gabriele and Elisa, the first exponents of the fourth generation. This family and entrepreneurial history still continues, pursuing the ambitious aim of creating luxury Made in Italy footwear and of promoting-in Italy and above all abroad-the value of that “artisan excellence” that has so strongly contributed to the success of Italian products throughout the world.
Pakerson since 1923.



A brand’s capacity to stay in step with the times while still honoring longstanding traditions is a question of company policy. For Pakerson, “authenticity” means choosing a direction, a production strategy, a company philosophy, a market scenario; all perfectly aligned with those basic principles first enunciated in 1923. A flair, an aptitude for continuity, then; one that derives from entrepreneurial and family tradition but is also based on a wealth human assets: the people who work to keep the Pakerson brand identity alive. This is why Pakerson manufactures exclusively in Italy. An identity forged in the past and constantly updated to meet the needs of the present, inspired by that Italian savoir faire that has become the major factor determining customer satisfaction and loyalty on any market.



To work with passion, to anticipate change, to create innovation by valorizing crafts resources and vocations, and to channel all this effort into a shared, contemporary corporate culture is Pakerson’s premier objective in the quest to “create excellence.” Today, a company’s skills and capabilities are decisive competitive factors in a market as broadly-cast and complex as ours. Only if we preserve our historic patrimony of artisan techniques and put it to good use over time will it be possible to integrate know-how and creativity, research and change, innovation and tradition. This is why ours is not solely a brand outlook but a way of conceiving the future of Made in Italy and an approach to consolidating it by promoting the excellence of a style that expresses an authentic artisan culture. Since the very beginning, every item of Pakerson footwear has been produced by specific techniques. Construction specialties that only the generations of craftspeople brought up inside the company are truly capable of applying. The result is unique footwear interpreting a vocation for luxury that makes the Pakerson brand absolutely unmistakable. Pakerson has taken part in several research and development projects, including PIMECO Project.


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