Quality and Value


Artisan Construction

Building a brand culture as scrupulously as we build our footwear, as the maximum expression of the Italian ars sutoria, has made Pakerson a leader on the international luxury market. Exporting its identity throughout the world, demonstrating a unique talent for creating a brand experience that touches a discerning clientele on an intimate level, leveraging style and elegance to create value. Perception of quality is immediate for a Pakerson client, because the net result of the Pakerson artisan construction methods is footwear offering unparalleled softness, light weight, and flexibility.

The Materials

Full-grain natural leathers and lamb shearling and mink and beaver fur linings.

The Soles

Outsoles in seasoned natural leather or exclusive air-injected rubber for ultralight, thermally-insulated footwear.

The Precious Leathers

Alligator Mississippiensis and ostrich leathers with antique finishes applied entirely by hand.